Who is Steve Martel...


Steve Martel first started out by creating this company, sold it in 2007 and continued on to launch six other multi-million dollar revenue generating companies that generated $23.9 million in sales over the last 5 years. He is a celebrated visionary, business advisor, real estate wealth expert and highly sought after speaker. Since 2010, Steve pioneered his financial empowerment training company, which combines personal development, entrepreneurship and real estate wealth to give hands-on financial education to people across the world.


Steve built his training company based on his vision to change the way people view life and money. Having overcome incredible challenges at a very young age with extraordinary financial success, Steve believes that education must offer actionable systems. From real estate investing and timely market strategies to entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, Steve offers a one-of-a-kind hybrid of business building and real estate wealth creation.


The results are a new generation of education: one that empowers and supports go-getters and dreamers with specific results-proven systems through a series of modular, multi-media trainings alongside community and support.

In order to create innovative results-proven methods, Steve worked alongside prominent visionaries and leading authorities from business leader Sir Richard Branson, legendary internet sales expert Frank Kern, the prominent founders of Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss and Perry Beltcher as well as numerous other notable leaders.


Steve is one of the most celebrated business building experts and real estate wealth strategies. He has been featured in numerous media publications such as: Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Daily Motion, CTV News, Real Estate Income and The Globe and Mail


Steve is also an active philanthropist and has built villages for families in needs, feeds hundreds orphans daily in Haiti and contributes yearly to local initiatives such as the Youville center focusing on creating leadership and entrepreneurism for single teen mothers in Ottawa Canada.


With his own personal acquisitions at over $1 billion dollars worth of real estate, as well as his innovative marketing strategies and sales systems, Steve is a renowned pioneer in the wealth creation industry. His mission is to offer a platform of solutions for a new generation of social entrepreneurs to achieve their financial freedom and reach 15 million people by the year 2020.


More importantly, Steve was somehow able to make Crystal fall in love with him, and he has four amazing kids by the name of Jake, Janessa, Janelle and Ariel, which is his greatest pride ever. Simply put, he is the luckiest man alive.